kivent-robotic-visualiser (krv) documentation


Frameworks used

The 2D robot simulation program is written in Python 3.5 and uses mainly GUI module kivy and its counterpart for game logic the kivent module.

Using kivent module complex physics, graphics, and game environment was created using only Python language the low-level parts of physics interactions are written as wrappers in Cython utilizing the cymunk – python port of 2d physics engine Chipmunk2D.

The compiling and installation of the kivy and kivent modules from source codes can be done using the playbook.yml file (using ansible-playbook is an installer program) or getting help from online forums and official pages.

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Python + Gamepad = CLI grabber + drawille = CLI stick direction visualiser

So I am creating a robot gr4dalek with a Mecanum drive. I thought omni-drive — I can drive in all directions. When on manual I need to give angle direction and speed. So gamepad. Also, keep it simple, I didn’t want to use pygame, tell me more about bloat processing.

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Robot Dalek

Rozhodl jsem se ze si postavim robota pro ucast na Robotickem dni v Praze.

Prvni jsem musel vybrat typ podvozku..po dlouhem premysleNi jsem vybral Mecanum.. Protoze proc ne jdyz uz mam tu 3d tiskarnu proc ji nevyuzit..