wholesome unicode font generation


well i randomly read about unicode having 137 000 individual characters, that is quite a lot.

I hardly doubt there are much / any font supporting the whole 137 000 symbols. Tho if we gether together 1 font which supports all or mesh together multiple fonts to get the full 137 000 symbols we can call it base font. We can than generate wholesome font from any partial one. The base font should be probly un-beveled (or hairlined or skeletoned) – getting only the inner „bezzier“ curve for each symbol.

Then you take comics sans and convert every character to svg or some vector representation. Compare each of its defined symbols with your wholesome base font. Then you can scribble together a snippet generating „font-transformation-function“ or you take „some“ NN and learn it to do the same faster. Then apply the „font-trans-fun“ to every symbol undefined in original comics sans and voila, you have wholesome comics sans with definition for every unicode char.


alternative to alternativeto.com

# Who is using alternativeto?

– Just users who are trying to **find alternative to some program they know**.
– They want to use this site to find out new program to try.
– Aaand they want to know if it’s used by anyone – now anyone is simple anonymous group of everyone who is using alternativeto.

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3d printer slic3r update to reflect plastic vapor smoothering

jaktoze jeste nikdo nevymyslel filtr na 3d modely, ktery by byl nauceny jak aceton smyva detaily, a model by upravil tak aby mel hrany prehranene (veci vystupky) a detaily taky prehnane, misto pahorkatin vrchoviny, misto kulatych tecek boule, proste tak aby se po aplikaci acetonovych par model vyhladil tak aby mel puvodni detaily pred filtraci..
tady ciha Nobelovka

WeDoWanna: Contact widget

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contact widgetWeDoWanna:
a widget which takes only one space on a desktop,
in which we can see one picture of a contact.

We can slide left right – up down, and scroll through a list.. For example in horizontally we can have all contacts sorted alphabeticaly and vertically we have last calls.

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