WeDoWanna: Contact widget

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contact widgetWeDoWanna:
a widget which takes only one space on a desktop,
in which we can see one picture of a contact.

We can slide left right – up down, and scroll through a list.. For example in horizontally we can have all contacts sorted alphabeticaly and vertically we have last calls.

While creating the widget:

  • you can change
    • action after [tap], [double tap], [long tap], [two finger tap] i.e
      • start voice comunication with contact via
        • GSM
        • VoiP provider
        • Skype
        • another provider
      • send text message to contact via
        • text message (SMS)
        • email
        • Facebook / Google+
          • communicator
          • status message
        • jabber
        • another messaging provider
      • edit contact info
    • starting contact (after start / reload of desktop)
      • which contact would be in the middle
    • type of list and sort in both dimensions
      • favorites
      • most used
      • last call
        • incoming
        • outgoing
        • missed
      • last message
      • alphabetical order of
        • prename
        • name
        • facebook name
    • filter of lists
      • do not contain contact
        • without some of communication channel


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