kivent-robotic-visualiser (krv) documentation


Frameworks used

The 2D robot simulation program is written in Python 3.5 and uses mainly GUI module kivy and its counterpart for game logic the kivent module.

Using kivent module complex physics, graphics, and game environment was created using only Python language the low-level parts of physics interactions are written as wrappers in Cython utilizing the cymunk – python port of 2d physics engine Chipmunk2D.

The compiling and installation of the kivy and kivent modules from source codes can be done using the playbook.yml file (using ansible-playbook is an installer program) or getting help from online forums and official pages.

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The image processing algorithm visualiser (IPAV)

Recently I have created a Python openCV „frontend“ which allows a creation of computer vision algorithms by simply writing down their comma separated names. It creates a nice square widget chain where every „step“ algorithm has its own picture and info string. Interested? Keep reading!

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OpenCV 3.0.0 + Python 3.4 + Win7 + Numpy + Scipy + Mingw

Hi there, I have a simple dream. Making these work together:

  • Windows 7 [64bit]
  • OpenCV 3.0.0 [32bit] builded from source
    • features2d
    • ffmpeg
  • Python 3.4.X [32bit]
    • tkinter openCV window app
    • .. maybe wxWidget
    • .. maybe PyQt
  • Numpy [32bit] (maybe as a start as it does not have a 64bit prebuilt)

This will be a working tutorial. I’m on it.

People from OpenCV have done a new tutorial here which is nice 🙂 [Last updated on Nov 10, 2015.]

Firstly I do some research…

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gr4gallery = Gallery in Python 2.7.10 + OpenCV 3.0.0 + Tkinter GUI

Hi there fellows, a project emerged from the need of using OpenCV with GUI possibilities larger than trackbar. I am currently keen on Python, but I didn’t want to spend any time finding out how to make OpenCV + Python + Qt work, because the commercial licensing of Qt borthered me too much. Therefore I turned to the only other python GUI library I know so far the good ol‘ Tkinter.


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