For science!

Hi there,

I wanted to have oldschool chance to share my ideas and solutions on a special place. Where it is me who controls my data. So apart from my personal facebook I have created this „personal“ web. My facebook „friends“ complains about my sharing frequency anyways. This here is MySpace. I mean.. the data are stored at free czech provider Endora, but nevertheless at least the domain name is mine.

Me? Smeghead?

Aaaand who am I? I enjoyed physics at grammar school and I adored programming. I went to some competitions. My knowledge was worst in electronics, so I went to Facoulty of …electronics  Brno University of Technology to tutor myself. I just need to find out how tobuild robots that will kill all humans.

If I was a narcist, I would say I am a renaissance man. I do dance, sing, play a guitar, piano, I am often programing, pythonning, firmwareing, hardwareing, roboting, 3D printing, and modeling, sporting, alcoholing, socializing, I do teach, I am taught, I do „publish“, hiking, etcing… And I am always trying to keep a positive view on the space-time continuum.

However, many things does not ring my interest bell. So not renaissance man, no.


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And what does Boku mean (czech only)?

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