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Repositories & profiles

Professional work

Q2 2017 kiwi.com automation developer

Python @ linux, kiwi.com – Software developer in Data and Automation team – Ancillaries.
@ kiwi.com Brno

Q2 2014 Processor Expert development

C @ Windows, Freescale MCUs – Software engeneer and tester, Processor Expert development, FSL devel. boards testing and PEx support
@ Freescale Brno

Q2 2013 Interface for SCIOX X-Ray defectoscopy machine

C# @ Windows – C# WPF GUI usb-serial control protocol and logging program with lightweight image previewer,

Q2 2013 Noise detection telecommunication module

C @ STM8 – PCB module controlling SIM900 via AT command send through USART serial from STM8S003



Q2 2017 kivent robotic simulator (KRV)

Python @ linux – Using kivy and kivent modules simulation of robots in 2D plane with ultrasound and camera assisted navigation was created.

documentation (web) , gdrive videos , git source , project landing page

Q2 2017 CLI currency converter

Python @ terminal – CLI python script for conversion from one currency to another based on cached internet currency conversion sites. Automatically updated offline SQL database with rates from free cc-sites (api.fixer.io, currencylayer.com, …)

  • pandas, sqlalchemy, redis, redisworks, requests, json
  • arrow, argparse
  • platform, socket, sys, time, pathlib, logging, pickle

git source

Q1 2017 Bulls and cows game CLI interface

Python @ terminal – Non-standardly internationalized Bulls and cows game with CLI. Entry task for Python intermediate course from Engeto Academy.

git source

Q1 2017 gamepad data grabber and CLI visualiser in drawille

Python @ Raspi 2 terminal – Grabbing and decoding raw data from usb gamepad with joysticks. Visualisation of joypad stick position inside of terminal via sub-character ascii graphics using Braill-able font and module drawille.

landing page, git source

Q1 2017 Robot gr4dalek with Mecanum drive

Python @ RasPi 2 & MicroPython @ STM32F4 – Universal robot for Robotic Day competition 2017. 3D printed and self designed chassis and mecanum wheels with ball bearings. Yet to come – OpenCV, flask server,

git source, landing page


Q4 2016 KAMbot line-follower computer vision algorithms

C++ @ RasPi 2 – KAMbot is line-following robot developed for BPRP seminar at FEEC, BUT_ – RasPi Camera image processed by OpenCV, the image is shared on localhost via mjpeg_streamer for the students to see, as the RasPi does not have X-windows installed. NetBeans is configured to write code at LAN connected PC and compile and run it via ssh at the WiFi connected RPi2.

git source, BPRP seminar page, tutorial for OpenCV and image sharing on RasPi

Q4 2015 Image processing algorithm visualiser (IPAV)

Python @ Win7 – Camera image input processed in OpenCV algorithms, each step visualised in kivy GUI. Textual algorithm chain creation.

3D model silhouette-based reconstruction – research paper Mendel – 3D design program Blender python api connected to IPAV – multiple calibrated camera object contour retrieval – contour data sent to Blender to create volumetric intersection of viewed object

blog post & video, git source, research paper EEICT

Q1 2015 Rebel 2 assembly & fine-tuning – 3D printer

Repetier fw @ RAMPS1.4 & Octopi @ RaspberryPi – construction and utilization from web tutorials

blog posts, BOM = 3d printer for 6500CZK

Q1 2015 Visual telepresence – master’s thesis

C# @ Win 7 – 3-axis robotic arm with a wide-angle camera controlled by head movement. Data collected with Oculus Rift 2 dev headset, through C# WPF interface. Basler USB3.0 camera visual data incorporated into virtual environment displayed on Oculus for the user. Multitude of latency and feedback measurements.

@ BUT_

blog post, early development video, git source, document

Q4 2014 Finger efficient keyboard layout for czech – gr4háčkoviny

Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator @ Win7 – Semi-english keyboard layout  where the czech punctuation is mapped on the alpha-keys with AltGr key combo. E.g.

č = AltGr + c
Č = AltGr + Shift + c
ř = AltGr + r

blog postgit source

Q2 2014 Robot Dalek with differential drive mini-sumobot

C @ STM32F4 – mini-sumo robot – competition @ Robotic day in Prague 2014

w/Jirka Sliž @ BUT_

git source,

Q1 2013 Odometric module for mobile robot – bachelor’s thesis

@ BUT_

git sourcedigital library

Q2 2012 Robot Kachna with differential drive mini-sumobot

C @ ATMega8 – mini-sumo robot – competition @ Robotic day in Prague 2014

git source

Conference articles

Q2 2016 PDeS

Contour silhouette back projection based multiple camera convex hull reconstruction
BUT_ page

Q3 2016 Mendel

Odometer module for mobile robot with position error estimation
BUT_ page

Q1 2016 EEICT

Image Processing Algorithm Visualiser (IPAV)
BUT_ page



2015–now – Doctoral degree: Computer Vision Group

@ BUT_, Brno – [Phd.] full-time – ongoing

2013–2015 Masters degree: Cybernetics, Automation and Measurement

@ BUT_, Brno – [Ing.] full-time

2010–2013 Bachelors degree: Automation and Measurement

@ BUT_, Brno – [Bc.] full-time w/honors


BPC2 seminar @ FEEC BUT, Brno

BPPC seminar @ FEEC BUT, Brno

MUIN seminar @ FEEC BUT, Brno

MAPV seminar @ FEEC BUT, Brno

BPRP seminar @ FEEC BUT, Brno


Events & Competitions & Courses

2011–2016 Summer camp leader and supplier

10 days each summer @ Hoštejn, Německé luky – 6-17yo children program creation, food and goods car logistic driver, main technical leader – repairs, firewood chopping

Q1 2017 Engeto Academy – Python intermediate course

3 lectures @ Impact Hub Brno – Python – numpy, pandas, flask, redis, pythonanywhere.com

Q2 2014 Robotic day in Prague 2014 mini-sumo robot

w/ Jiří Sliž @ Praha – competition

my 5 minutes of fame (start 3:15) – national television ČT1

Q3 2012 Architectures for RT processing for robotics

12-day @ Dresden – mechatronics summer-school course

Q3 2012 ČEZ summer-school

2-week @ Dukovany – educational course

Q2 2012 GE-Foundation Scholar-Leaders program

10-day @ Budapest – self-development course

Q2 2012 Robotic day in Prague 2012 mini-sumo robot

@ Praha – competition (5th place)

Q1 2010 Physics Olympiad – national competition

@ Pelhřimov – sufficient point sum for successfull participant, 36. in the country


Q4 2000 Visual Basic programming course

Visual Basic 6.0 @ IVS Technik Přerov – PC basic knowledge, GUI programming in VB6.0, algorithmization basics


  • Programming : {
    solid : [C, C++, Python3+, Micropython, C#, MATLAB AutoHotKey, LaTeX],
    basic : [PhP, Bash, VimScript, win-cmd, MySQL],
    devices : [RaspberryPi, STM32, STM8, ATMega, Android, Win7, Linux xubuntu alike],
    py : [kivy, tkinter, Blender-api, numpy, cv2, pygame, pandas, flask, redis]
  • Visual design : Blender, openSCAD, SketchUp, Gimp, Inkscape, Flash animation, Adobe Premiere, Pencil drawing
  • Ele : Eagle, SMD soldering, Digital MCU PCB design, Oscilloscope measurement
  • Protocols : { bitbanged : [UART, I2C], used : [SPI, RS232, RS485, SSH, FTP] }
  • www&data : WordPress, Drupal, git, svn, AccuRev
  • Textual : Vim, Nano, LaTeX, LibreOffice, Microsoft Office, PyCharm, VisualStudio
  • Math&physics : Calculus, Signal processing & regulation, filtering FFT, 3D graphics geometry matrices, national physics competition (2009)
  • Sensors : wide spectrum of common physical and electrical sensor construction and function knowledge
  • Visual processing : OpenCV3, Matlab, common image processing algorithms knowledge, multiview 3D reconstruction, multiple-camera calibration
  • Neural networks :  MATLAB subject in school – tought exercises (2016)
  • Robotics : common path planning, localisation and map creation, state control
  • Embeddedly used : Ultrasound, Camera, Gamepad, LCD1602, RTC, DC and stepper motors, accelerometers
  • Languages : Czech, English, Russian, French, Slovak
  • Driver’s license : B

Other skills:


  • Sound making: amateur singer – folk, pop and rock; guitar player – classical, electric; amateur piano – self taught some songs
  • Craftsmanship: 3d printing
  • Sports i like: ultimate frisbee, volleyball, football, floorball
  • Dance: yes please – swing!, bad at classical
  • Games : {
    pc :
    [Dota2, TeamFortres2, CS1.6, Starcraft BW, Stronghold Crusader, Unreal Tournament, Diablo 2, WoW, Garry’s mode, Fallout NV, Gothic 1,2, Arx Fatalis, etc.]
    board : [Bang!, Samurajsky mec, Jungo speed, etc.]