gr4Dalek – gr4viton’s Dalek robot

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So I am creating a robot with Mecanum drive. It will be multipurpouse, but initial drive was caused by the idea to create Reload’O’matic robot for nerf-gun ammo! The robot will search the area, find nerf-gun ammo shells, pick them up, and possibly reloads nerf-gun tray. Then bring it to me.

The name: gr4Dalek.

git source & 3D models, landing page (this)

Basic info:

  • Multi purpose Mecanum wheeled robot for nerf-gun ammo picking
  • controlled via
    • STM32F4 programmed in Micropython
      • STM controls the motors and other peripherals
      • peripherals
        • Ultrasounds HC-SR04
        • CNY70
    • Raspberry Pi (3) programmed in Python3.
      • control commands sent to the STM via <insert communication protocol> (currently I2C / SPI future).
      • image processing
        • via OpenCV3.1 @ Python3 in Raspberry pi
      • peripherals
        • camera
          • Raspi Camera v2.1 with wide fish-eye lens
          • more usb webcam
        • wireless gamepad with 2 sticks for movement control
        • audio
          • speaker
          • microphone


  • chasis
    • modeled in Blender
    • 3D printed on Rebel 2

Currently it’s in heavy development. Afterwards there will be a great info page here.

Now there are just some articles about parts of it.

Python + Gamepad = CLI grabber + drawille = CLI stick direction visualiser