alternative to

# Who is using alternativeto?

– Just users who are trying to **find alternative to some program they know**.
– They want to use this site to find out new program to try.
– Aaand they want to know if it’s used by anyone – now anyone is simple anonymous group of everyone who is using alternativeto.

# Who can be also using alternativeto?

– Someone who is not trying to find alternative to some program they know.
– They can just use it to **find out group of programs which are used by** their favorite **group of people**.

## Scenario:
company devs are sharing useful tools and programs among them

– they **use simple text file** containing a list of cool tools together with their short description and link to program landing page
– the file is then compiled to company wide web wiki for example

## devs from selected group **are not using alternativeto**
– because they want to know what other devs from their company like and use

## devs from selected group **may be using alternativeto**
– if there was an option to add some `group` / `company` tag to their alternative to profile,
– if all the programs with `likes` from users from the selected group are easily filterable
– so the user can view
– which programs are used by their devs,
– which of them has more likes
– what alternatives are winning over what

# well
idk your how you get funds to run, though more-people equals more-fun, nah?
if this helps you, you are welcome!
Happy day to You!

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