Python + Gamepad = CLI grabber + drawille = CLI stick direction visualiser

So I am creating a robot gr4dalek with a Mecanum drive. I thought omni-drive -- I can drive in all directions. When on manual I need to give angle direction and speed. So gamepad. Also, keep it simple, I didn't want to use pygame, tell me more about bloat processing.

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Microsnake vs micropython

So I am playing with the possibilities of micropython - the python interpreter in the embeded microcontroller enviroment. Using the STM32F4Discovery board.

Currently I am driving 4 character displays (HD lcd1602) with I2C controllers (ebay) via one STM's i2c line. Creating a game of snake :").

The source code is available on my github repo here.

Take a look and envy!

The image processing algorithm visualiser (IPAV)

Recently I have created a Python openCV "frontend" which allows a creation of computer vision algorithms by simply writing down their comma separated names. It creates a nice square widget chain where every "step" algorithm has its own picture and info string. Interested? Keep reading!

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kivy 1.9.1 + win7 + Python 3.4.3 + freezing code = creating one „exe“ from your kivy project

How can I deploy my application to the "customer" so he does not have to install anything else? There are some alternatives with comparison on this site. Here I will show you a way how to freeze your kivy project via pyInstaller under win7.

#and now it's working !!

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Some physics engine + GUI + Python 3.4 + win7 + OpenCV

  • Panda3D
    • GameDev engine
    • it uses only Python 2.7.3 (22-10-2015)
    •  GUI
      • difficult creation
    • 3D
      • yes
    • physics engine
    • Download
  • Kivy is multiplatform gui engine
    • win, mac, linux and even Android
    • GPU accelerated
    • Free MIT licence
  • KivEnt
    • KivEnt is a Game Engine designed for the Kivy Framework
    • physics library:
      • chipmunk
  • pyGame
    • Python 3
  • PySide
    • Open python Qt wrapper
    • doesn't support QT5.X (25-10-2015)
  • PyQt
    • Commercial license for proprietary use


GUI only:


Physical engines only

  • cocos2d
    • 2d only
  • Bullet
    • 3d
    • awsome used in Pixar movies, Blender and NASA
  • pymunk
    • Python 2 & 3
    • 2d only
    • multiplatform
    • pythonic - usefull with pygame, pyglet and others
  • pyglet
    • 2d
    • only python 2.X

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