Sulek – Swampsong

Way down south, where the smoke plant grows,
I was messing where nobody goes,
fishing for my dinner in a craw daddy bed,
I fell in, get a broke my neck

when down from from the bottom of the murkey depths
a girl stood up and stole my breath
she said

Hey mon amie gotta come with me
Don’t be alarmed, but you’ve got something I need

I’m happy to have met you, my name is Jess,
I think it’s time we left.

Tell my fam’ly, tell my kin,
I won’t coming home again
The grim reapper name is Jess,
she’s been fair an‘ I feel quite blessed


Eyes like fire and skin like ice
sweet water thin hair her way
guiding our way to the secret hole
to a place where she’d take my soul

From the land of the living to the land of the dirt/dead
Where I heard there’s no tears where shed

The worms conspire,
the life I had now has expired
bathed in fire,
to live again is my desire.



LIke a candle my flame is out
I’m certain of this there is no doubt,
There’s just one thing that remains to be known,
will I, float like a log or sink like a stone!





The worms conspire

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