Sulek – Marigold

Hmi                   E
I know of a thought it’s mine
G                        D
I keep it all to myself
I’m jealous but kind I’d care
and share her with nobody else

If she were to scream at me
I pro’bly wouldn’t mind
She’s one of the few I know
you know she’s hard to define

She’s a beautiful girl brown eyes
that shine and hide if she chose
In crowds of the world I would know
her by the spot on her nose

Alcohol makes her blush
a single cup of wine
If I were to write a song for her
would she be mine

Hmi     E
Oooh, Marigold,
G                              D
shielded from the greatest storms
D          Ami
Oooh, Marigold,
G                                     D
hurricanes to zombie swarms
A marathoner she does not
mind the snow in the air
Keep time with a watch and find a
white hat over black hair

Half dead and I’d still know
my thoughts could keep her warm
And I bend out of shape sometimes
don’t touch her I’ll deform

I worry too much at times
for her just tell me she’s fine
It’s never enough for her
one word could never define

If all of the lights went out
I’m sure that she would glow
And I’d see all the thoughts of hers
I’d really like to know


C G D x3
[: A_ Emi Hmi

A_ G D :]


C G D x3



And flawless music video here:

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