Dark matter as simulation computer

Almost a scify..

So now I am thinking about a premise that we are simulated. As the latest discoveries tells us the universe is made not only from matter as we now it. There is an significant part of Dark Matter and Dark Energy which are not detectable. Only way the Dark matter communicates with us is a gravitational force.

As e.g. this video suggest, there are 17 fundamental particles known in the Standard model of particle physics. These are playing a chess guided by the four force laws of nature of which we now know about.
We can be a simulation of matter with forces running on dark matter powered by dark energy.

How to find out if you are simulated. Let’s say we cannot do any segmentation fault to stop the simulation yet. We measured the properties of the simulation as the first step. There is a maximum velocity limit, the speed of light. The hilbert lenght and time is the tick and space step of the simulation.

Now bear with me for a moment with this example. If you want to control angular velocity of DC electric motor you can use a angular velocity sensor. If you don’t have it though, you can put in a current sensor and calculate the rest from the knowledge of the system. You can also calculate the system transfer function if you can measure both ends (angular velocity and current).

Can we detect if the dark matter is the computer running the simulation of matter. I can imagine that dark matter gravitation is correlated with the compuational complexity of spacetime.

I would like to propose an experiment. The measured quantity would be gravitational force. In a laboratory on space station, far enaught from big disturbances of gravity, there would be a precise detector of gravitational force of a object inside the detector. The object would be in vacuum, and have internal power source. Than we try to measure difference between gravitaty of the object when it is doing nothing and when it is doing „computationaly“ intensive work – like coliding particles with a almost speed of light velocities.

If there is a difference, we can say that more dark matter must have come to this part of our space where the object is situated, to solve its comutationaly heavy simulation workload in time not to break anything.

I don’t get it..

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